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The home to the nomadic Bajau Laut who live in floating villages and move between Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Rarely coming to shore, these expert free divers have a great affinity to the sea.


Dimensions: 40x185mm (fits wrists of up to 165mm)

Material: Glass Beads, slide tube clasp.

  • Care Instructions

    • Avoid any cleaning agents with alcohol.
    • Clean only with a soft dry cloth.
    • If the piece gets wet please do not use a heater, microwave or blow dryer. Place the piece on a soft dry cloth and let it dry naturally.


    All beads are made from glass and are chosen for their durability. However please consider these factors when wearing them:


    • Please keep jewellery in the pouch provided.
    • Keep out of reach from children and pets.
    • Please put your jewellery on last.
    • Strong friction can cause them to fade and wear.
    • Tugging or yanking can lead to the loss of strength in the piece.
    • Cleaning chemicals can fade them.
    • Chlorine and sea salt can cause colour change and corrosion- avoid swimming with them.
    • Please remove before going to bed or any sports activity.
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